All my favorite things to do are gear intensive.  Hockey is no different.  Since I’m a gear freak who wants to know what others are using and why, I assume that others are as well.  Those of you who aren’t will probably be happiest not reading this particular page.

So, as if anybody other than me cares, here is all my cool hockey equipment, so far.

To start it off, I have no idea what brand my skates are.  They say USA and T25 on the back of them.  Hey, I got them for free, what can I say?  They are about a half size too big, so eventually they will be replaced with something newer/neater.

And as of December 2011, newer and neater has arrived.  A brand new pair of Bauer Vapor X 4.0 skates!  A full size smaller than the old skates.  Doubt they will do much to improve my skating, but at least my feet will look cooler.  Photo to come; at the time of this writing they are still at the pro shop getting their very first sharpening. 😀

Picked up the following items used and cheap off craiglist.  All are in really good condition.

Helmet – Nike Bauer NBH 3500

Helmet, side view

Helmet, side view

Nike Bauer Vapor X gloves



Nike Bauer Supreme 30 knee/shin guards

Knee/shin guards

Knee/shin guards

Nike Bauer Supreme 30 elbow pads

Nike Bauer Supreme 30 elbow pads

Elbow pads

Bauer DET 1000 2 piece composite stick with Bauer blade, right handed


Stick and blade

Easton practice jersey

Practice jersey

Practice jersey

Bought the following items new.

Bauer One35 shoulder pads – back and front views

Bauer Vapor 30 hockey pants, back and front views

Update April 27!

The pants developed two split seams.  They were exchanged for the same pants in a size small.

Discovered that my stick was too stiff for me; I can’t flex it to get any oomph behind my shot.   The new Underfoot is a Bauer One 20 one piece composite intermediate, with a 67 flex and the PM9 pattern with a 5 lie.  Like I know what any of that means. 😉 Sure is purdy though, innit?


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