Hot and Cold

It was another triple digit weekend in the Sacramento valley. Some clouds were building as we arrived at the rink for class Sunday evening – this is not usual weather for summer here. It felt more like a July evening in Florida than California as we walked in. By the time we left (after 9pm), stepping outside was like stepping into a hot, wet blanket. Just like a July evening in Florida. Yuck.

The ice was surprisingly okay though.  Soft but the pucks weren’t sticking.

There weren’t enough pucks on the ice for everyone to have one on the snake drill. I was happy to skate without it; managed nice crossovers in both directions even with all the traffic. Next up was a big W – working on the slick almost stop then skate away backwards transitions. Those are so much fun!

My 2 on 0 runs were less than awesome, but I only screwed up a couple times once we broke into two groups to do breakout drills. Lessons learned: When playing center, either pass the puck to a wing at blue line or skate it in; don’t dump it directly at the net from the blue line. When playing defense, don’t try to deflect the puck away from the net; leave it for the goalie to get so you don’t deflect it into the net (doh!).

Spent some time working on backwards crossovers again.  Progress – I’m not picking up the inside foot yet but I am crossing over the outside foot.  Really felt the increase in speed.

We got a full 20 minutes of scrimmage time again. The dark team has upped their game; some fast skaters with pretty good puck handling skills over there. I got beat several times, but redeemed myself with one really awesome steal along the boards from one of the faster, better forwards – a full second of brilliance out of about five minutes of ice time that was.

Plowed myself into the boards behind the net after bashing a puck away. I may have had some help getting there (the guy I was defending apologized), but it was my own fault for going that aggressive. Saw the boards coming and let out an “oh shit!” Roadrunner style. Hit them full body and skated away no worse for the wear.

After class, we were surprised to see that the team forming out of the class – the one that we sent emails off to the guy organizing it several weeks ago – was having a team meeting. Neither of us had ever received a reply to our emails, so we figured it was still a work in progress. Not so – they have a full team already. We can be subs, though.

I think not.


2 responses to “Hot and Cold

  1. Jillian Rainville

    Hockey is a funny animal when comes down to who you want on your team and who you don’t. Remember the quote from one of the hockey movies, “I am not looking for the best player, I am looking for the right player”. I think every coach who is forming a team has to keep that in mind when choosing his team. But in this animal we call recreational hockey, we are dealing mostly with egoes and a lot have a hard time getting through the door on the bench, so they cheat and go over the boards, thinking no one will notice. So players who take on the job of captain for a rec team, quite often look for those hockey stars that will win them games, because isn’t that what we are here for………….NOT! ***shaking head***
    I have seen those players come and go. They are not the ones who are liked as much or respected on the ice as much, since they surround themselves with attitude and “don’t tell me that I can’t have so-and-so on my team, this is rec hockey”. Those are the ones you want to stay away from. It is the teams that don’t give a rats ass about winning the CUP or smashing their opponent. They just want to go out and play a fun game and reap the rewards with liquid energy afterwards. Those are the kind of players I want to be on a team with.

    • Kinda bummed cuz this team pretty much has all the “older” people on it – not that that means anything when it comes to competitiveness. I think there are enough people left in the class to try to form another team. I should probably step up and be the organizer rather than complaining about what someone else did. 😉

      Agree though, I want to skate with people who are out there to have fun, get a good workout and maybe get a bit better at the game.

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