Smoked By a Punk Kid

One of our skydiver friends, Phil, has an athlete for a son.  Brandon has played soccer and baseball on higher level teams.  When he said he wanted to check out hockey, I encouraged him.

A few days ago, Phil let us know that Brandon had all his gear.  Since they live close to Skatetown, we decided to go there for our Thursday morning skate this week.  Several people from our class hit the 6:15 every week; it was kinda nice to see a few people we know.

My plan was to work a bit on backwards crossovers and on carrying the puck while doing front crossovers.  For the backwards I didn’t plan to actually cross over; instead I focused on starting the C cut with the outside foot in front of the inside one.


There were enough people on the ice working end to end that I didn’t feel comfortable working on back crossovers for very long. I did manage to start the C cut in front as I’d planned, and I think I kinda maybe felt what I was supposed to feel. Hopefully we’ll spend more time on those at class this week.

I spent most of the hour skating with a puck and taking “shots” and working on crossovers carrying the puck.  Did some 2 on 0 runs with both Keith and Brandon and played a bit of defense when they did a couple runs.

The kid is gonna be good.  He’s already a better skater than I am – crossovers in both directions forwards and backwards, smooth transitions – and damn is he FAST!


I couldn’t catch him. Damn punk kids. 😉


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