That Sounds Like a Broken Leg

Sunday was a good day. We went to the dropzone in the morning to sell a parachute, went for a drive and had a fast food lunch (Jack in the Box burgers and fries do not compare to 5 Guys. We knew that, but Jack was the only option where we were at). The afternoon was spent lazing around the house until it was time to go to class.

I took a pre-emptive Ibuprofen before we left – Saturday’s public skate was a bit more strenuous than I thought. I was sore and tired just putting my bag into the truck. By the time we arrived at the rink I was feeling better (the caffeine in the Coke I drank on the way there helped too), and as expected the adrenaline took away the rest once we stepped onto the ice.

After a few minutes warm up, Jeff set us to the standard skating drills. But this time, we got to take a puck along.

Crossovers carrying a puck aren’t in my skill set yet. I’ve tried but it takes all my attention – as in my head is definitely not up. All those beautiful crossovers I’d done at the public skate on Saturday had me looking forward to this drill. Sigh. At least I only lost the puck once, at the end of the run. We then did stops with pucks and mine were fine. They let us not take a puck for transitions if we wanted; I left the puck behind and managed smooth transitions in both directions.

A few good 2 on 0 runs and a few not so good. Not surprisingly, my runs with Keith were some of the good ones. There’s a lot to be said for time spent skating and passing with someone.

Then Jeff broke us into 5 groups. Each group went to a circle. Where we got to do (drum roll please) backwards crossovers. Which just sound like a broken leg to me.

I did a couple runs around the circle C cutting like Brian had shown us, but I wasn’t getting how that was going to help me do the crossover. Tried to do it a couple times and it felt really, really awkward. So I was glad when that was over and we formed two groups for other drills. These will be practiced at stick times… I will own them. Someday. 😉

Back to two groups and Jeff had us doing a nuetral zone regroup and reentry drill. After a bunch of runs at that we went off with Brian to do some skating with the puck around cones, ending with a shot on goal. He made it a bit harder after a couple runs each by adding in transitions and backwards skating. Other people were going around the cone and then doing the standard transition. I did the bitchin’ almost stop and take off backwards transition. Rock star! Until I lost the puck.

Jeff had us working on retrieving the puck and doing a drop pass in the corners. Although this drill ended with a shot on goal, I think the practice skating to and being in the corners will be just as valuable to me as it will be to forwards.

Finally it was scrimmage time. The white team didn’t do as well this week; we spent more time in our defensive zone and skating than we have been. As a result, there was a lot more hard skating on my shifts. I got caught a couple times on breakaways (goalies are awesome…), but also made a couple good passes and took away a few shooting and passing lanes.

By the end of the scrimmage I was wiped out. We hung out afterwards for a little while, watching Blue Thunder play on one rink and Foothill Flyers play on the other. Neither team was doing well on the score when we left.

Damn, am I sore today! Kinda glad it’s going to be ludicrously hot here today; laying around on the couch is well on it’s way to overtaking any desire to go out and do anything.


3 responses to “That Sounds Like a Broken Leg

  1. Pandora Women's Ice Hockey

    You are working hard out there, both of you and it’s paying off!

  2. Sounds like a fun skate! I can’t do backwards crossovers without doing a c-cut out first! It takes a ton of practice to get comfortable with it, it really helped me to have someone skate facing me while I skated backwards, holding hands for support so that I could c-cut out and then bring that front foot over and cross the back foot under. When you do backwards crossovers the power is really supposed to come from your back leg crossing under but I haven’t quite so much gotten there yet! Some day!

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