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Catching Up and Coming Back

I’ve been ignoring you, I know.  I feel bad about and I’ve missed you so much, but it’s hard to talk about playing hockey when one isn’t.  I don’t know enough about pro hockey to bore you with too many of my deep insights on the current Sharks season – well, that and the Sharks seem to have issues with showing up on game night lately.

Haven’t been ignoring hockey, though.  Keith found a couple of great hockey related blogs that have upped my hockey sense a bit.  Theory of Ice is written by an female hockey fan and player who also happens to be an excellent and very funny writer.  The Backhand Shelf covers the NHL scene and has another awesome female fan/player/writer, Ms. Conduct, whose Tea With Ms. Conduct column is hilarious.

So what’s new?  We went to a minor league hockey game a few months ago – the Stockton Thunder vs the Idaho Steelheads.  Great game and a fun night out for not a lot of cash.  We were pretty much on the red line, 18 rows up, for under $15 a seat.  Had an excellent view of the benches – perfect because my goal that evening was to watch line changes.  If only there were minor league hockey in Sacramento; the two hour round trip to Stockton is a lot of driving and the arena is in a really crappy part of town (not sure there is a good part of Stockton, but anyway).

Our first Sharks game of the season was against Chicago.  New seats this season; we’re now just to the right of the Sharks bench, 10 rows up.  Really cool to be that close and see the players faces as they come back to the bench.

Last night we went to Skatetown to watch Blue Thunder, the team we would have been on, play a game.  I hadn’t seen them play yet and I was so impressed with how much they’ve all learned, and how good they can all skate now!  They were evenly matched against the other team and it was an exciting, back and forth game the whole 60 minutes.  Blue Thunder won it 4-3 after killing off a penalty and nearly getting an empty netter in the last two minutes of the game.

The healing is going well.  We both have what are hopefully our last ortho appointments next week.  Neither of us have completely eliminated our limps – they are still there when we get tired – but overall we both feel ready to tie our skates on and get back out there.  So the plan is to get the okay from the doctors on Monday and Tuesday and then show up at Skatetown for a 6:15 am stick time on Thursday. 😀

Speaking of skates… the ones I have been using are too big, and there was money just sitting on account at the rink for me… Yesterday I drove out to Skatetown and bought my first pair of brand new skates!  Bauer Vapor X 4.0, a full size smaller than the ones I had.  They weren’t the most expensive skates they had, but they are close to the top of the Vapor line.  Should last me for years and years.  And I got them for a decent price – about $30 more than the cheapest I saw online but the local pro shop includes the initial blade sharpening, baking the boot (for a custom fit) and $1 off all future sharpenings.

The old skates will go on a shelf until someone comes along who needs a pair.  Or until we get the cabin in the hills with the backyard rink setup…