Monthly Archives: October 2011

A Fan’s Dilemma

The Sharks traded my favorite player over the off season.  In the quest to beef up the defense, they sent Setoguchi to Minnesota.  I was, in a word, devastated.

I’ve only ever had two favorite players in my short hockey fan career and the first one retired.  Seto replaced JR as my favorite because of his attitude and hard work on the ice.  He seems like a nice kid who doesn’t take his talent for granted.

What is a fan supposed to do when a favorite player is traded?  I heard that a soccer analyst once said “I don’t follow teams, I follow players.”  Which is great, but I’m a Sharks fan.  How can I root for Seto to score when he’s playing against “my” team, the team I want to (finally) see win the Cup?  And how do I reconcile that with the fact that I’d love to see Seto skating the Cup?

I sure hope Burnsie was worth it.

Glad to see Pavelski on the first line this season. The man and I had a friendly wager going on who would score the first goal for the Sharks this year; he thought maybe Burns, I said it would be Pavs.  Yeah, I won that quarter!


Healing… Too Slow!

The past two months have been loads of fun!

My cast came off the first week of August.  Two weeks later I was still in a lot of pain.  After fresh xrays, I was referred to a real orthopedic surgeon.  Three weeks after that I finally saw said ortho.

The small bone looks good but the tibia is healing very slowly.  Alignment is good though, which means no surgery.  I got a boot (made for walking ;-)) and a bone growth stimulator machine, which sends ultrasound to the break for twenty minutes a day.  I see the ortho again in about three weeks to see how it’s doing.

Tossed the crutches aside for good a couple weeks ago after four months of using them.  THAT was a happy day!  The calluses on my hands are almost gone.  I’m now hoping to be walking like a normal person by January and back on skates by March.  Which, oddly enough, is when the next beginner hockey class starts. 😉

If I can’t play hockey right now, at least the NHL starts playing for real this week.  Go Sharks!!!!