Monthly Archives: August 2011

Not Quite So Broken Anymore…

Tonight is the last session of our hockey class.  We’re going to attend, along with a few crutches, a walker and a few bottles of pain meds.  No, we won’t be skating… but it will be nice to see how much they’ve all learned and maybe get to order jerseys for the team that was formed out of the class.  Not nearly as fun as it would have been to be on the ice though.

My cast came off two weeks ago.   Spent much of that time whining about how it hurt and didn’t feel right and blah blah blah someone call the whaaaaambulance.   Yesterday I decided it was time to stop whining and start walking.  By late afternoon I was needing one crutch and by evening I was happiest with two of them.  But wow, it’s so cool to be able to carry things, if only in the morning!  Today is going just as good; going to take a break and put the leg up for an hour or two before we go to the rink so I can WALK in, almost like a normal person.

I’d hoped to be healed enough to make the next class, which starts in late September, and also to attend some clinics that are being put on over the winter by a local all-female Silver B team (in hopes of earning a slot on a potential all-female Bronze league team).  Doesn’t look like I’ll be hitting those goals.  But I will be taking my stick and the Green Biscuit outside and working on puck handling now that I can stand without assistance.

His recovery is coming along very well.  Three weeks from surgery and he can just about take care of himself.   He’s been working the PT hard and there’s definite progress.

The worst part of this whole thing is the boredom.  We’ve been staying at a friend’s house (it’s larger and less cluttered than ours, easier for him to get around).  We have about 200 channels of shit on the TV to choose from and there’s rarely anything on there that we want to watch; even the NHL Network is getting old (how many times do I really need to see game three of the Nashville/Anaheim series?).   The internet is slow and the computer there can’t handle much that’s fun.  Even the Wii is losing it’s appeal – although I am learning quite a bit about playing defense on the NHL Slapshot game.

It’s almost time to figure out how many more sleeps until hockey season starts again.  Can’t wait to see how the changes the Sharks made in the lineup this summer work out.  And JR got a 5 year contract with NBC, yay for a color commentator that says what he thinks!