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Oh Snap! Part Deux.

Keith has been on vacation for the last week.  A fairly mellow vacation for us – we took a fun three day road trip around northern California and did a lot of sitting around relaxing.   Yesterday he decided to hit the afternoon public skate at Vacaville and work more on his stops and backward crossovers.

I certainly wasn’t expecting him to call me 10 minutes after the session had started.  He needed me to come get him because  he had barely cleared the door before he fell  and slammed down hard on his hip.  He was in a lot of pain but didn’t want to call an ambulance in case it was just a badly bruised muscle or something.

Twenty five minutes later (stupid traffic) I arrived at the rink to find him sitting in the same office chair I’d used two months ago when I broke myself there.  Three or four awesome hockey players were there to help get him into the car. Which didn’t work out so well.

So the ambulance was called and they managed to get him onto the gurney and to the ER with a minimum of pain and stress (well,  a minimum of pain and stress for me, can’t speak for Keith on that one).

Five hours later the pain was closer to being under control, the xrays had been taken and read and it was obvious he wasn’t coming home anytime soon.  He had surgery this morning to put a rod in his leg.  Surgery went well,  his nurses are super nice and the hospital food isn’t all that bad – the only thing he’s lacking is internet access.

As I was getting ready to come home after visiting this evening. he looked at the clock and said “Should be sitting on the bench getting ready to get on the ice” – it was 7:10 on Sunday evening, our class started at 7:15.   Heavy sigh.

Guess it’s a good thing he was waiting to make the decision and pay the league fees for the team he was going to play on!  Looks like it’s going to be six months or more before either of us will be back on the ice.

Wish us luck over the next few weeks – my cast doesn’t come off until Friday, I won’t be off crutches for awhile yet though and he’s coming home from the hospital days before Friday!


8 Weeks of Being Plastered!

8 weeks of being plastered sounds a lot better than it is.

Expected to get the plaster cast off at my appointment with the ortho two weeks ago.  He isn’t happy with the healing so instead of getting the cast off and going to a boot, he cut the cast down so I can bend my knee, put some more plaster on it to rebuild the broken down back and sent me on my way for four more weeks.  He did say I can start to put some weight on it, which combined with being able to bend my knee (OW!) allows me to do things (like cooking and dishes and stairs) without falling over.

Two weeks of that additional sentence are past and I’m truly on the downhill side… which also sounds a lot better than it is.  I sure does miss walking.  Hundreds of years of technology and they haven’t come up with anything better than crutches for the temporarily disabled?

Keith and the rest of the class are moving along, learning a lot and getting better all the time.  The scrimmages look like games now, with line changes on the fly and climbing over the boards and offsides being called.  I’m so jealous.

They’ve got a good number of people interested in a team, with a name (Blue Thunder) and a logo and a Facebook page and even a sponsor already.   About six of them show up for Thursday 6:15 am stick times, so they’re getting pretty good at skating with each other.  I’m so jealous.

I’m still hoping to be healed enough to get back on skates in time for the start of the next class.   Watching and hearing about other people learning to play hockey is significantly less fun than learning to play hockey myself.