Monthly Archives: June 2011

Oh Snap!

It’s been over a month!  I have an excuse though.  You decide if it’s a good one or not.

We decided to hit a 6:15 am Saturday stick time in Vacaville, way back on the 14th of May.  Forgot to bring pucks and the three other people on the ice only had a few, so we focused on skating.  Figured out a slick move – a transition from skating backwards to skating forwards, not changing the way you are facing.  It felt so good!!

Was getting pretty tired, fell down a couple times while doing crossovers (on the good side, even).  Should have packed it up then, but we decided to chase each other around for a couple minutes and then call it.

That was fun, right up until I fell again. But this time I managed to get my feet mixed up underneath me and SNAP!  It didn’t even have to start hurting for me to know I’d just broken my left leg.

Getting off the ice wasn’t much fun.  Neither was the drive to the hospital emergency room.  An hour or so later (timing is everything, the ER was not even close to busy), I was headed home with a splint, a prescription for painkillers and a diagnosis of a spiral fracture of both the tibia and fibula.

Nice job, eh?

So it’s now five weeks since the break.  Been in a cast almost to my crotch for almost 4 weeks.  Cast should come off around the 4th of July, then at least two weeks in a boot.  I’m sure I’m being far too optimistic, but I hope to be back on skates sometime in August.

So hockey is over for me for at least a few months as I heal and rehab.  Keith has continued the class and stick times and he’s being nice about telling me what he’s learning – including backwards crossovers.  I plan to start the class over once I’m healed, hopefully at the next session that starts in September.

My Sharks flailed in the 3rd round again.  But at least they took out the Kings and the Redwings first.  And really, they played hard but got beat by Luongo.   So it was good to see Luongo get beat by Boston in the finals! 😉